Friday, October 9, 2009

Presenting the LC Blog

The Lovell Chronicle blog: a place for updates, observations and comments from readers. The blog will contain photos, some breaking news information and other tidbits that never made their way into the newspaper, but still would like to be heard.

But wait, doesn’t the Chronicle already have a Website? Yes we do, but the blog is a different beast. It’s our attempt to add more web content without taking away from our print product and sharing thoughts and information that is either on a different schedule than our weekly Thursday publication or maybe just too light-hearted or too slim to warrant a story of its own. Think of it as a bonus with some colorful attitude on the side.

We are encouraging readers to visit often and to make themselves heard by leaving comments on the blog. With participation from the community, we hope the blog will become a vibrant exchange of information with thoughts and comments about issues from every viewpoint. We ask that readers keep their comments away from personal attacks and adhere to the guidelines of libel law.

That should about do it for an introduction. Welcome to the Chronicle blog, and let us know what you think.

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