Thursday, December 31, 2009

Today's Chronicle, Dec. 31, 2009

Top 10 stories of 2009

National Guard soldiers received packages from the Big Horn Basin

Local musicians selected for all state groups

Ups and downs in 2009

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Today's Chronicle, Dec. 24, 2009

Fireman's Christmas basket program extended

Local churches celebrate Christ's birth

A thrilling win in Albuquerque

Lovell Swing Choir to perform on Billings TV Friday

Stray dogs and cats
have heat again

Rocky Mountain and Lovell Boys basketball, RM wrestlers at Huntley Project tourney

In print:
Christmas lighting contest winners
Mayor Roland Simmons talks about big progress in the small town of Cowley
Lovell/RM speech team
New SO K9 Tank in training
Christmas concert photos
Longtime BHC treasurer George Hoffman remembered
Freshman and JV basketball
Lovell Town Council mulls water/sewer project planning
Plus more local news from north Big Horn County

Monday, December 14, 2009

Soldiers say hello from overseas

Soldiers of the Wyoming Army National Guard 115th Fires Brigade currently deployed in Kuwait and Iraq recently recorded video messages for dissemination to Wyoming supporters, including a couple soldiers from the Lovell area.

Additional messages from soldiers throughout Wyoming and the rest of the country can be downloaded at the Department of Defense imagery server.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Just chillin'

A group of birds eagles and other birds have been hanging out on the Shoshone River, visible on the north side of the river bridge on Hwy. 310 between Lovell and Cowley.

According to, an eagle's body is protected by down under their feathers and their feet are resistant to cold, and mostly made of tendons. The beak is mostly non-living material with little blood supply. It seems these birds were better prepared for last night's -20 weather than I was.

The eagles were eating something on the frozen river. According to the site, eagles generally eat fish, but they will also eat other small prey and whatever else is available, sometimes scavenging for unattended carcasses.

Today's Chronicle: Dec. 10, 2009

Frigid weather freezes beet harvest

-Prescription abuse fourm
-Bulldogs grapplers start season
-Firemen gathering food
-Reach out in tough times
-Lady Grizz open with wins

WS factory in Lovell, Wyoming. Photo by Brad Devereaux

In print:
County unemployment slightly down
Sub-zero temps hit Lovell
Allred selected as interim president of the WYSAR Association
Lovell facility designated as 2009 factory of the year
Speech season starts
LHS, RMHS basketball teams at season-opener
Big Horn Land plan public meeting tonight at 7 p.m. at Lovell Community Center info

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Steaming beet piles

Piles of sugar beets sitting outside of the Western Sugar Factory in Lovell are being sent to the plant for processing because of storage issues. Read the full story.

Today's Chronicle: Dec. 3, 2009

Two cited after failed alcohol compliance checks

Western Sugar processing piled beets, growers on hold for now

Group plans prescription drug awareness forum

Lovell and Rocky Mountain High School basketball previews

Editorial on Obama:  A decision to surge ahead

In the paper:
Update on sexual assault investigation
Preschoolers tour their future middle/high school in Cowley
US Congressional Reps. spend Thanksgiving in Kuwait
Singer/songwriter Bret Marchant: A Rocky Mountain Offspring
Constitution party works for ballot position in Wyoming
Past Lovell Chronicle owner Pat Schmidt retiring
LPD investigates possible house arson
4H awards
Cowley Turkey Trot
Wrestling season previews
Updates on Stonehenge
Don't call it trivia

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Brrr …

It's cold and windy in Lovell today. It feels like winter is here on the first day of December! We don't have any accumulation of snow yet, maybe because it was blowing away too fast.