Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lovell should throw a ___. (fill in the blank)

Scottish Highland Festival? Mountain biking challenge? Oktoberfest? Barbeque cookoff? Battle of the bands? Snow sculpture contest? Film festival? Frog race party? Harvest celebration? Music festival? Bonfire? Community drum circle? Massive art show? Rollerblade challenge? Shakespeare in the Park? Winter games? Wine tasting? Food fight?

Fill in the blank. What type of event would you and your family and friends enjoy attending? It could be an original idea or something you saw on TV or in another town.

After thinking for a while, take your idea(s) to the Lovell Community Center tonight (Thursday) at 7 p.m. for the third installment of the Your Town Community meetings.

At tonight’s meeting, Lovell residents are being asked to speak up about what type of an event could be held in the next six months to a year in Lovell. The sky (and a limited budget) is the limit, but almost any type of event could be held on a small scale in Lovell.

I can’t say what the rest of the town would like to see, but I think a chili cook-off or a high-stakes marathon dominoes tournament would be fun. Or maybe everyone could get together to try to break a Guinness World Record.

We could have a Luau at Horseshoe Bend or a “taste of the Big Horn Basin” food event. We could celebrate sugar with a beet bonanza or commemorate Henry Clay Lovell’s birthday. We could raise money for a charitable cause or raffle proceeds from the event to the people in attendance.

Readers may like some of my ideas and despise others. The point is, this meeting could go in any direction, and it will be the most successful if a bunch of people show up tonight and share their ideas.

If only a few voices are heard, they could designate any type of event they wanted without your input. You wouldn’t allow that, would you?

The Your Town Meetings have been going well so far, with an introduction session and a second session that designated a signage project for the town. Sue Taylor of Lovell Inc. helps facilitate discussions along with committee chair Tracy Beal and the rest of the committee. There has been limited attendance at the two previous meetings, but residents are encouraged to come to tonight’s meeting and help to decide the all-important event. A final session will be held next Thursday to iron out details about the yet-to-be-determined event and the signage project.

If only a few people show up to tonight’s meeting, the group will still, no doubt, be able to come up with a great idea. But the fewer people there are at the meeting could mean we’re holding a balloon-animal festival in a town that’s afraid of clowns.

What type of event do you think would go over well in Lovell? Leave any ideas in the comments section, and be sure to bring them to tonight's meeting.

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  1. This sounds so fun! I hope you all chose something good!