Friday, October 30, 2009

Grizzly observed on Shohsone River near Ralston

Hunters asked to use caution

On Monday Oct. 26, officials from the Wyoming Game and Fish Department responded to a report of bear tracks observed on a private residence near Ralston, Wyo., close to the Shoshone River.

Department personnel responded and determined the tracks to be that of a grizzly bear. “We investigated and confirmed that a grizzly had been in the area; we also determined that the bear was a radio-collared female,” said information specialist Dennie Hammer.

Signals from her radio collar indicated that she was day-bedded in the heavy brush along the Shoshone River near Willwood Dam until dark on Tuesday evening October 27. However, the following morning personnel were unable to locate the bear. The department enlisted the help of an airplane equipped with radio-tracking devices in an attempt to locate the bear to no avail.

According to Hammer, the bear may have moved completely out of the area. “We have seen bears move considerable distances this time of the year and she may have headed back to the mountain,” Hammer said.

Deer season opens on Nov. 1 in many of the hunt areas in and around Cody, Ralston and Powell and the Department is urging hunters to be bear aware.

“We want everyone to be cautious and understand that this is unusual bear activity. If the bear is located outside of known grizzly bear habitat we will attempt to capture or remove her,” said Gary Brown, Cody region wildlife supervisor. “We do not want to alarm people but we do want them to be bear aware for safety’s sake and report to the Cody office, or local game wardens, any grizzly bear observed in the Ralston area.”

Report observations by calling the Stop Poaching Hotline at 1-877-WGFD-TIP.

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  1. Wow! How exciting to be so close to wildlife...but it could be scary too.